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Laser therapy - energy for the cell metabolism

Besides the entry in human medicine, the soft laser treatment found its way into veterinarian medicine and in the meanwhile it is well established there. Owner of animals and therapists value this innovative treatment method, as it can help to reduce drugs and lower side effects in consequence. Laser light can help the cells to build up new energy and support healing and regeneration processes by this. Further the local metabolism is stimulated by laser light. This process is called "bio-stimulation".
With lasers from MedSolution red and invisible infrared laser light can be applied up to a few centimeters deep into the tissue.

The laser light is not painful and activates the self healing mechanisms of the organism. The effect is mainly based on biochemical processes, like an increased ATP-synthesis, a stimulation of the collagen production and an increased blood flow.
This type of laser light is - in opposite to surgical laser - totally harmless and free of pain.
Side effects have not been monitored.
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We love animals

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PalmLaser professional is an easy to use laser-phototherapy device. It helps in veterinary medicine to treat wounds, pain, inflammation and for post surgery care.
The laser in class 1 guarantees safe operation for therapist and animal. Horses, dogs, cats and also birds will benefit from the soft therapy as it is painless and free of side effects.