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PalmLaser or LaserCat

PalmLaser and LaserCat are innovative, up-to-date laser-photo-therapy devices.

The output power is regulated in an ideal range:

  • strong enough for best efficacy and short treatment times.
  • soft enough to avoid any harms like tissue heating or burns.


Safe and effective:

Both lasers are "class 1 laser" and as consequence profit of the following advantages:

  • no laser protection goggle needed
  • no laser safety room or laser safety training required
  • safe for therapist and animal
  • well tolerated therapy

Both lasers are very easy to operate. The PalmLaser devices are mobile and battery driven.

All devices are Made in Germany.


  • class 1 laser
  • combination of red (650nm) and infrared (808nm) plus infrared pulse-laser (904nm)
  • output power: 500mW
  • certified medical product
  • output power adjustable
  • 3 treatment tips
  • laser acupuncture possible
  • ideally suited for the doctor´s office
  • preprogrammed therapy programs

PalmLaser professional

  • class 1 laser
  • combination of red (650nm) and infrared (808nm)
  • output power: 200mW
  • certified medical product
  • battery operated (rechargeable)
  • mobile laser