• disorders caused by arthrosis
  • hip dysplasia (HD)
  • injuries caused by bites
  • injuries caused by accidents or sharp objects
  • udder inflammation
  • wounds after surgery
  • umbilical hernia
  • wound healing disturbances
  • swellings
  • haematoma
  • fractures, broken wings
  • support of scar healing
  • injuries at tendons, ligaments, muscles
  • contusions, strains
  • decubitus
  • tackered or sutured wounds
  • disorders caused by lumbar disk herniation
  • parodontitis
  • mastitits
  • laminitis caused by microcirculation disturbances
  • neuralgia

Well known are the yearly eventings taking place at Gut Weiherhof.
The owners are convinced user of the PalmLaser professional which has been used during many events and for different indications already.
Horse and jockeys are happy about the results as Mrs. Vogg told us.